Spot the difference, 01

by | Mar 11, 2023 | Fun, Spelling

Get your detective hats on and sharpen those observation skills because we’re about to embark on an uproarious spot-the-difference challenge like no other! Welcome to the world of American and British English variations, where language takes unexpected twists and turns. Prepare for a linguistic showdown as we present you with mind-boggling spot-the-difference images, brimming with delightful surprises – each contrasting detail will leave you chuckling with delight.

So grab your magnifying glass, get ready to flex those spot-the-difference muscles and enjoy a laugh-out-loud journey through the quirky world of American and British English.

Click (or touch, if you are on a handheld device) on the image where there is a difference. If you are correct, the explanation for the difference will pop up!

There are eight differences for you to find. Let the spotting begin!

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