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The Psychology of Editing

Not many would link editing and psychology. Of course, it is nearly impossible to evaluate the psychology of editors since the person sitting behind every keyboard or holding red pen can be very diverse. So, contrary to the general opinion, putting editors in a box labeled ‘nerd’ may be difficult.

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Comma, the Commander

Commas are tiny, versatile, omnipotent commanders of the punctuation weaponry, helping us mortal editors who wage an everyday Kurukshetra against the evil of loss-of-meaning, the Incomprehensibility.

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misplaced nodifier

A WhatsApp conversation. U: “What is the English translation of போர்க்கால அடிப்படை?” S: “War footing” U: “Thanks, S. Is this a noun?” S: “Welcome” U: “Adjective?” S:...

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The tale continues…

Localization may be defined as the efforts to reach out to end-users and most importantly engage them. And there are various degrees of localization, from standardizing spelling to translation. Want to know more? Read on.

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Crossword 03 on Typesetting

Happy Sunday to you all! It’s exciting to bring out the third edition of Editor’s Essentials Sunday Crossword. This week’s edition is about the typesetting terminology. Level: Beginner to intermediate...

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