Perfect Digital Media Resources, Chennai

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” –Benjamin Franklin

This seems to be the mantra that Murugaraj follows for mentoring his students.

Murugaraj has been the training partner for the copyediting team at Perfect Digital Media Resources, Chennai, for the past few years. His sessions are customised to cater to the requirements of the team. Murugaraj’s training sessions are highly sought-after and appreciated by the team both for content and for his style of delivery. He makes the sessions not only interesting and interactive but also exploratory. He ensures that the concepts are understood by the participants and provides tests and assessments that are thought-provoking and seek to evaluate the trainee’s understanding. The examples that he uses in his training sessions are in line with current research so they are well appreciated by the students. His assistance in clarifying copyediting queries extends beyond the completion of training sessions. He also gives access to his website which has a whole lot of topics and quizzes that both interest and motivate them.

Murugaraj has been our go-to and preferred training partner for all our copyediting needs!


Copyeditor, Perfect Digital Media Resources, Chennai

The training sessions by Murugaraj are worth their cost and every bit recommendable. His online classes are tightly packed with no dithering and stalling for time. The modules and quizzes he prepares are light and doable, having relevance to the field, and with no pretensions to superior knowledge of testing aspects that would not even be required in the work of a copyeditor.

Most of all, I like his style of instruction (typical of a Math major): in his matter-of-fact but friendly manner, he encourages to arrive at answers by way of investigation and finding from the internet. He has a strong knowledge of tools, MS Word, and related technology.

I have always enjoyed attending his classes.


Copyeditor, Perfect Digital Media Resources, Chennai

The training sessions by Murugaraj were excellent. I found his style editing session very useful; he explained each section extremely well. He had covered most of the style-related topics such as parts of a book/journal, articles & their components, figures & illustrations, understanding tables, notes/references, formatting, and quotations.

Murugaraj kept us all engaged throughout the sessions and made learning the content simple to understand and gave relevant examples. His session on article usage was very helpful.


Copyeditor, Perfect Digital Media Resources, Chennai

The reference training course conducted by Murugaraj Shanmugam has been an eye-opener for me. The course provided an understanding of the basic elements of a reference. He has designed the course in a manner that makes us understand references in a logical context. The sessions were engaging and interesting with practice papers to test our understanding. These sessions have been beneficial and they have helped me approach references with confidence.

I thank Murugaraj for this effective training!


Copyeditor, Perfect Digital Media Resources, Chennai

I attended training sessions on style editing by Murugaraj. The sessions were very insightful and it was an inspiration learning from him.

His session on editing tables and figures in articles was very informative. The session on wildcards was an eye-opener. I never knew these concepts before. The strategies were easy to grasp.

Overall it was a useful and engaging training program.


Copyeditor, Perfect Digital Media Resources, Chennai

I have attended three of Murugaraj’s training sessions: (i) essentials of language editing, (ii) style editing, and (iii) referencing. All these sessions have been very much insightful to me in many aspects. I am exposed to style editing and referencing only after joining PDMR, and his training sessions on both these topics have given me further clarity on these same topics, helping me a in my daily work.

At the same time, his assignments helped me recapitulate effectively on the modules taught during the sessions.

On the whole, all his training sessions have covered topics in a broad manner, providing various perspectives of understanding.