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MS Word: Proofing language vs preferred language

If proofing language is the language with which the writer communicates with her reader, the preferred language is the language with which MS Office applications, such as Word or Excel, communicate with their users. This video explains the difference between these two choices.

Setting the proofing language

One of the first tasks that a copy editor performs is running spell check. The effectiveness of the spell-check process depends on choosing the proofing language. As copy editors invariably work with track changes, this video explains the correct way to set up the proofing language without creating unwarranted side effects.

Find and replace like a pro: Use wild cards

Wildcards are a pro-level feature in MS Word. With wildcards, you move away from finding words to finding patterns, thus improving efficiency.

Style manuals, house styles and style sheets

Copy editors rely on three resources for their day-to-day editing: house styles, style manuals, and style sheets. What are they and how do they compare with each other? This playlist provides answers to these questions.

In conversation with Yateendra

Murugaraj Shanmugam interviewed veteran editor Yateendra Joshi for the Sunday webinars organized by the Indian Copyeditors Forum. In this video, Yateen, as he is fondly called, shares his experience and how he viewed MS Word beyond being a writing platform. 

In conversation with Dr. Venkat

In another interview for the Indian Copyeditors Forum, Murugaraj interviewed Dr. Venkat, a veteran editor and the founder of The Art of Copyediting.

Videos on the ICF channel