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misplaced nodifier

A WhatsApp conversation. U: "What is the English translation of போர்க்கால அடிப்படை?" S: "War footing" U: "Thanks, S. Is this a noun?" S: "Welcome" U: "Adjective?" S: "Yes" "On a war footing" "Adverb" "Action taken on a war footing"...

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Does ET have a copydesk?

Sorry to be blunt, but that was the first question that came to my mind after reading this article in the Economic Times yesterday. I'm complaining not about the use - rather the misuse - of commas in the text, nor about the sloppy writing. I'm startled by the obvious...

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The find-and-replace menace

OK. Don't pounce on me as if I advised you not to use find and replace. I agree that find and replace is an excellent Word tool for editors. But you should also remember that you are dealing with a machine. If you want to replace all -ize ending words with -ise...

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need copyeditors

In his blog Ask the Agent, Andy Ross interviewed Mary Norris of the New Yorker. In a comment, one Ravikumar, apparently from my state, Tamil Nadu,  lamented that "we publish hundreds of weeklies and thousands of books every year. but there is no copy editor...

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ambiguous pronouns

The draft version of the first sentence of my first blog post ((faulty) parallelism) read thus: As part of rebuilding this blog (I started this way back in 2008, with nothing being posted till now), I was skimming through various WordPress pages. When I read the entry...

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