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by | Jan 11, 2021 | Announcement

Last Sunday, we announced the launch of our first course, Essentials of Language Editing. Today, we are closing the course as all seats are booked. The course may be open again in February/March 2021.

The following courses will be launched during February and March.

Effective Use of MS Word for Editors: Microsoft Word has been the choice of authors/writers for writing, and in turn, for us for editing. However, not much of Word’s features are fully exploited by editors. This course is aimed at helping editors increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and improve quality.

Punctuation through a Functional Approach: Two main clauses can be combined using commas, semicolons or colons. Parenthetical breaks can be accomplished using commas, parentheses or dashes. How do we choose from these options? This and other mechanical roles played by the various punctuation marks are covered.

Intermediate Grammar and Usage for Editors: This course takes you from the basic grammar and usage covered in the course Essentials of Language Editing. It provides a deep-dive into relative clauses, modifiers and parallelism, among others.

Stay connected with Editor’s Essentials to know when these courses go live.

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