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Back to Basics

Instructor: Murugaraj Shanmugam

Duration: 8 weeks

Lessons: 12

Skill Level: Intermediate

Price: ₹750


Course Overview

This course, Back to the Basics, is intended as a quick refresher to the concepts that we will apply during our other grammar courses. It covers parts of speech, with the aim to review the terms related to the different parts of speech. The discussions are brief and to the point.

This course in itself is not exhaustive and is designed only on an introductory level. The reader is advised to further explore the concepts as needed.

What you’ll get from this course:

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Course Instructor

Melinda Hopps

Creative Writing & Business

Melinda has always been a passionate educator and instructor for students who have an interest in creative writing and business. She founded the Academy in 1998 and trained over 10 000 students online, many of whom are now successful writers, business people & educators.

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