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Management lessons from a “nattiya” guru

I was invited for a "Bharatha nattiya arangettram" of my friend's daughter. Five very young children – should be around 7-8 years of age – performed their maiden apprearance on the stage. Though not a connoiseur of classical dance, I could appreciate the coordination,...

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I sent out an official e-mail this morning to a manager. I'm connected to him through dotted lines. My reporting manager thought that the tone of the e-mail should have been different, to which I agreed. I recalled the e-mail. However, a senior manager who was in CC...

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Lessons learnt

I recently came across a video and a letter to a forum, both explaining how to control anger and deal with a fuzzy child. I learnt that anger arises out of our helplessness and our inability to keep the situation under control. The letter advised that the children...

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