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misplaced nodifier

A WhatsApp conversation. U: "What is the English translation of போர்க்கால அடிப்படை?" S: "War footing" U: "Thanks, S. Is this a noun?" S: "Welcome" U: "Adjective?" S: "Yes" "On a war footing" "Adverb" "Action taken on a war footing"...

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I sent out an official e-mail this morning to a manager. I'm connected to him through dotted lines. My reporting manager thought that the tone of the e-mail should have been different, to which I agreed. I recalled the e-mail. However, a senior manager who was in CC...

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Lessons learnt

I recently came across a video and a letter to a forum, both explaining how to control anger and deal with a fuzzy child. I learnt that anger arises out of our helplessness and our inability to keep the situation under control. The letter advised that the children...

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Engagement snaps

A friend of mine recently shared some of the photos taken during his engagement. The subject line read: My Engagement Snaps. Not a good choice of words, is it?

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amusing abbreviations

I came across the abbreviation MEXT, which stands for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. You expect the abbreviation to be MECSST. Someone was ingenious, thought MECSST was boring, and suggested MEXT - the way MECSST will be pronounced...

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