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The story behind how Editor’s Essentials is formed is intertwined with the story of its founder, Murugaraj Shanmugam. The first part tells the story of how Editor’s Essentials was born. If you are more interested in knowing how courses by Editor’s Essentials are designed, go to the second part.

I love reading. I love math. I love teaching. I love to ideate.

Someone talked about serendipity. I’m blessed by a series of serendipities. A bachelor’s degree to pharma sales to the master’s degree to a bit of teaching to master of philosophy to editing – what do you call it?

I wasn’t even sure whether editing was going to be my career. The first title I edited was Keates and Romantic Celticism, and Christine Gallant, the author, was furious about my editing. I have written about it elsewhere[1]. Should I be an editor?

While the decision was not yet made, I worked on the second edition of Renewable Energy Resources. The author wrote back saying, “No one has ever read my book so thoroughly since the first edition. Can you thank the copyeditor for me?” And I was part of some of the challenging work that the editorial team came across, each title slowly reinforcing my belief that I can be a good editor.

It has been 15 years now in editing taking on various roles, with the last full-time job as the senior copyediting manager, in the journey managing many reputable international publishers. I have loved every bit of the 15 years.

Well, almost!

Most of the time I loved what I was doing. Sometimes not. The cheese in front of me was not what I liked or wanted. But that’s a corporate cheese, and one has to run for it. And I know there are cheese stations that offer delicious cheese, but either it is not the goal or someone else is running for it. I decided I want to quit my day job.

Fear is one thing that will stop the mightiest from trying, let alone winning. I spoke to my wife, family, and best friends. While playing devil’s advocate, almost all encouraged me to be on my own. They pointed out some of my weaknesses that can be an impediment to success. And Indian Copyeditors Forum has been a great motivation behind the decision. The few occasions I spoke to Vivek gave insights and encouragement. I’m glad to see that the community is growing and helping each other a lot.

Finally, the fifth of October twenty-eighteen turned out to be my last day in my day job and Editor’s Essentials was born